Ready to Ship items are posted same day. Made to order takes 3-5 Business days before posting ..................................................... Newborn Photo Props are designed for babies under 20 days old.

Newborn Baby romper Pyjama suit (with feet / withOUT feet)

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Handknit baby onesie pyjama outfit, for use as a photography prop for newborn babies.

This handmade suit is knit with long sleeves, and legs. The knitted feet are optional. There is a little wooden button opening at the back. The button side can also be used as the front of the outift.

Made to order in a few days.

There are two types of yarn to choose from. Both are alpaca, one is more fluffy than the other. The less fluffy yarn has a beautiful silky feel. 

The photo with the baby (my grandson ) is knit in Fluffy Alpaca Beige.

Use the suit in a simple setting, focusing on the baby, or add it to a woodland scene, or even a toy shelf backdrop. The outfit is also made with bunny ears, fox, mouse or sleepy caps. 

The overall is very stretchy, and is meant to be a snug fit.

***PLEASE NOTE: These are not suitable as sleepwear, but as a photography prop for a  baby. Newborn size is suitable for up to 15 days old.