Simple Double Knit Baby Bonnet Knitting Pattern

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Simple Double Knit Baby Bonnet Knitting Pattern - Free!

Do you knit? I just adore knitting baby goodies. They are quick to make and you can try new patterns without committing to a big project.

 Newborn bonnet knitting pattern crafty stuff baby knits

This little bonnet is a simple double knit baby bonnet, that will fit a newborn to 3 months baby. Perfect for baby's first photo shoot, or as a gift for a baby shower.
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Free knitting pattern for a double knit baby bonnet
Simple ribbing around the face makes a snug fit.  You can use string ties (for a photo shoot) or simply crochet chains, or even stitch on a pretty ribbon.

Simple Double Knit Baby Bonnet 

Yarn:  50g Double knit yarn. (8 ply/ light Worsted weight)
Knitting Needles:  4.5mm (US 7) and 5.5mm (US 9)
Sewing needle
Tape Measure/ Ruler
Notes:   I usually knit using a circular needle, as I find it faster, but I knit back and forth, not in the round, so you can use either circular needles or straight needles and do the same.
Newborn – 3 months
K= Knit
P= Purl
St= stitch
RS= Right side
WS= Wrong side
Ribbing= K2sts, P2sts to the end of the row
Stocking Stitch= one row plain, one row purl
Ch= chain (for the crochet ties) Instructions to for crocheting a chain
Using 4.5mm needles, cast on 40 stitches
Ribbing:  k2, P2 to the end of the row.
Repeat the ribbing row three more times.
Change to 5.5mm needles and Knit Stocking Stitch until the work measures  11.5 cm, (4.5 inches) ending
With a WS row.
Decrease row:  (K1, K2tog) repeat  to the end of the row.
Next Row: Pearl all stitches
2nd Decrease row:  K2tog, repeat to the end of the row
Next Row: Pearl all stitches
Cut yarn leaving a longish tail.
Using  a wool needle, thread the yarn through all the remaining stitches left on the needle, drawing them together.  Thread it again for additional strength, pull tight.
Fold the bonnet in half with the right sides facing inwards, and stitch from the pulled together stitches, down the seam for approx.  4.5 cm
Stitch in any loose threads
Using a 5mm crochet hook, pick up a chain stitch and chain 50 on each side to make the chin ties.
Sew in any loose threads 
You can simply tie several loose threads through using a loop, OR crochet chain ties, OR add little ribbon ties. 
  crafty stuff baby knits and props free baby bonnet knitting pattern   


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