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Handknit Baby Cardigans

Posted by Tania Dunkley on

Don't you just love a new baby in a handknit baby cardigan? There is just something so wholesome about it.  

My mum taught me to knit when I was about 8 years old. My favourite thing to make, was always, baby cardigans and sweaters. They are just the right size for trying out new patterns and yarns, without commiting to knitting an adult size garment. And of course, now this is my favourite thing to make for babies in my shop.

This new range of baby clothes is all of my own design, so you are buying something uniquely special.


handknit baby cardigan jumper and bonnet
The cardigans are knit in a really good quality acrylic yarn, that is soft against your babys skin, and that can be washed on a gentle cycle in your machine. Just right for a busy mum with a new baby!
There is one small wooden button fastening at the neck, so that you don't have to fuss too long with a squirmy baby to get a row of buttons done 😀
knitted baby clothes jumper sweater set
My new range comes in several patterns such as my popcorn-bobble stitch. This is such a fun pattern, and so popular right now. Matching bonnets / or beanies are available, and of course, you get to choose from a whole bunch of lovely colours. ( if there is a special colour that you would like, just message me, and I will do my best to accommodate you)
cream baby sweater jumper and bonnet set popcorn bobbles
All the jumpers come in different sizes  from newborn to approximately 6-9 months old. You are welcome to request a 9-12 months size too. These make a lovely gift for a baby shower,  (or stork tea  - depending on where in the world you live!), or simply as a warm everyday outfit for your own baby.
beige lacy baby cardigan handknit outfit
There is a lacy version too, that is just perfect for a baby girl. I do have some cardigans ready to send, but if you would like one in another colour, then they are made to order in a week or two, depending on the number of orders that I have at the time.  I usually keep a few gender neutral cardigans ready for those last minute gifts!  
Lavender baby jumper and bonnet set lavender
Of course, the cardigans also are knit plain, for simple everyday wear.  I am currently working on a few more patterns that will be suitable for both boys and girls, over the next few months.
simple knitted baby jumper for newborn baby shower gift
If you would like to browse what I have in stock, or order a custom made outfit, then follow this link


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